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Temu Hitam, Indonesia Black Curcuma

The story was began on the past days ago when me and my son was visit durian plantation which owned by my father in law located in Kuningan as tourism city at West Java province, Indonesia. It was wonderful experience for me when I am able to see directly about durian fruit on the tree in the area almost 3 ha. I post the picture on this blog. But not only durian tree actually that make me so interesting about the last visit, there are some plants on the plantation area that attract me to take a picture which grows wild as plants and  shrubs among many durian trees that have become flowers and fruit.

Other heritage of Indonesia herbs and spicesafter I search with google related the picture of the plant above, Indonesia words said for that plants name are Temu Hitam with the latin name called Curcuma caesia, Temu Hitam familiar also called by Black Curcuma in the international market. I try to find out more information regarding the benefits of Temu Hitam for human health with google search, well, the plants that are apparently grows wild as a shrub in Indonesia who would have had a lot of amazing benefits to human health. Some information that I got from Wikipedia, Temu Hitam or Black Curcumaas herbs is a kind of plant in Indonesiawhich the rhizome can be used as a mixture of traditional and herbal medicine in Indonesia.

Temu Hitam or Black Curcuma as a plant in Indonesia is almost that grows wild such as on the teak plantation or can be also durian plantation but it can be cultivated too as commercial herbs plantin the yard with the height of land level start 400 meters above sea level for the ideal condition. Some of the benefits Temu Hitam or Black Curcuma for human health in Indonesia such as presented by one of the Indonesian herbal expert, Prof. Hembing Wijayakusuma, Temu Hitamor Black Curcuma can neutralize toxins in the human body where since a long time ago, Temu Hitam has known used as herbsfor appetite enhancer of children. Today, in economic business scale, Temu Hitam or Black Curcuma can be market and needs to herbal medicine industry

Some other good information that I got from the website of Siddha Medicine and Natural Treatment about Black Curcuma benefit for human health, Black curcuma is a wonder herb and contains the highest content of curcumin among all curcuma or turmeric species, a chemical substance with many curative properties. It is perhaps one of the few medicinal plants that are used in herbal treatment. If you are suffering from toothache, take a pinch of black turmeric powder and rub it gently against the teeth. You will get relief from the problem. Make sure that only a small quantity is used, as an excess of black turmeric powder may induce vomiting. Take a fresh rhizome of black turmeric or Temu Hitam, wash it properly and crush it. Apply it to wounds and nagging sores for relief and quick healing. 

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